Albert, the last of the Pierrepoint hangmen, died in 1992. He left behind a collection of treasured personal possessions. The most significant of which are the Execution Diaries. Within the leather bound pages of these volumes, Albert and Henry painstakingly listed every execution they took part in. Along with the names of the condemned are details such as age, height, weight, the required 'drop' and the date and place the execution occurred.

In addition to the Diaries there is a silver watch chain that Henry wore at every hanging he took part in. Upon his retirement he gave it to his brother, Tom. At the end of Thomas' career it was time for Albert to take possession of the treasured heirloom. He followed his father and uncle in wearing it to every execution that he performed.

Albert's cigar holder is also part of the Pierrepoint Collection. He regularly took it along to executions where he would take a draw on a cigar then place it in an ashtray while he performed his duties. Once he had hanged the condemned prisoner, he would then return to finish his cigar.

Toward the latter part of his career, Albert commissioned casts to be made of his hands and face. The ancient practice of making a mask of a face was usually reserved for people of significance. As the man who hanged more people than any other executioner in British history, this recognition is not undeserved.

To complete this extraordinary collection, there is a unique archive of Albert's personal photographs, books and correspondence.

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